Mission 8 Guide

The Club Penguin secret agent mission 8 guide will be released tommorow! Will there be Herbert the bear? Will there be Clutzy the crab? Will there be an explanation for the earthquake? Will there be betas? And biggest of all- will there be ninjas?

Update: It’s Monday, the mission had not been released and I have to go to camp soon. It is of most utter importance that one of my admins updates this page with a mission 8 guide! Wanna know why it’s so important? Because when you google Club Penguin Mission 8 Guide my site is second down the page! 😀

BTW, here’s the crowd waiting for the mission to be released. Yes, I am doing a mad face. 😉

The mission will most likely be released at it’s normal time, 9:00-10:00 AM PST. I will be at camp, however, and need someone to update this. Thank you!

Update 2: Okay, it’s still not released… I gtg back to camp…hopefully the mission will be released soon…although I’ll be back by about 6:30…if the mission isn’t released by then, then I’ll post it. 😀 See ya!

Update 3: BTW, Rh has been spotted in the telescope!

Waddle on agents!

-Woton 8)


7 Responses

  1. ok ill see if i can make a vid or a guide

  2. I can’t wait!

  3. I hope it gets released soon.

  4. I won’t let you down, Woton!

  5. ok its out, im making a update now

  6. it is released

  7. Actually, Beta 3’s password is not working.

    Woton: I’m very sorry about that. Beta 3’s pass has been really screwed up lately. I am currently fixing the problem with CP. I am very sorry about that. I’ll try to got you his pass ASAP.

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