Newspaper Issue #140

The newspaper today has a few cool secrets in it!

First of all, when you click on the white space below the picture of Klutzy the Crab a PSA message will open up.

It says to turn all of the puffles red. Click on the puffles until they are all red.

The puffles will dissolve into a message.

There is still the Summer Sneak Peek page, too. Here are some things that I think the pictures represent:

New clothing catalogs

Rockhopper’s return!

New furniture catalogs

Aqua grabber update/new mission

Musical instruments coming back

Superhero play returning

Penguin mail

Sports catalogs

And in the last catalog, when you put your mouse over the words on the Summer Sneak Peek page nothing showed up when you put it on the word games. Now something does. It sounds like a new, challenging, multiplayer game will be coming this summer!

And of course, you can still run your mouse over all of the other words on the page (except for the word Parties) and over the penguin mail hat.

Waddle on!



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