Penguin of the Week and Igloo of the Week

Hello! Sorry for not posting the penguin of the week yesterday, but anyway, here he is! The penguin of the week is…

Simmer27! Even though I didn’t meet him very long ago, he is SUPER nice and is a good friend! His site is


The igloo of the week is one of my friend’s, who I haven’t seen for while. Uiem! When I saw his igloo I knew it had to be an igloo of the week. It’s a gnome world! Lol. (Click for full size)

Can anyone find me and a yellow puffle, hidden in the igloo?

BTW, I won’t be able to do an interview tomorrow, I still have to make some questions, etc.

Waddle on!


P.S. If you haven’t yet, remember to participate in the Find the Differences contest!


3 Responses

  1. The yellow puffle is between the fourth row of gnomes! I was starting at the door.

  2. Cool Site!


  3. yo dude. Thanks for putting my igloo on your site. And making it Igloo of the week!. I hope to meet you again soon sometime on clubpenguin. Cya Soon!


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