Water Party!

The Water Party has started, and I must say, I am pretty disappointed. The Beacon, the Beach, the Dock, the Ice Rink, the Town, the Snow Forts, the Dojo, the Ski Village, the Mountain and the Mine Shack are almost the exact same as last years Water Party. The Cove is the exact same as the Camp Penguin party. The only actual newly decorated rooms are the Plaza, Forest and the Underground (the Underground consists of the Broiler room, the Pool and the Mine). The Ice Burg is kind of decorated but they just moved the whale from last years party to a whole new room. You may have noticed that the new rooms just for the parties (the Tree House for the Mediaeval Party and the Whale for this party) have been called the Party. The name of the rooms have been the Party. Cool, eh?

There are three free items, which may seem like a lot, but only two of them are new, so I am actually getting only one free item.

The Shell Necklace is at the Beach. It is the only new free item.

The Yellow Inflatable Duck is at the Cove. It is yet another rare item brought back.

The Ice Cream Apron is another brought back item. It is at the Plaza.

Oh, and when you throw a snowball, you throw a water ballon! 😀

I hope you enjoy the party! Remember, it will be gone next Tuesday (the 17th).

Waddle on!




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