Secret On News Paper & 8 Mission Sneak Peak!

The new newspaper came out today.

When you put your cursor over any of the words or the flying hat you will get a description about some of the things happening this summer.

There is the second only public PST announcement. When you click on the words secrets a secret page will come up.

There is also a new mission sneak peek.





2 Responses

  1. sounds cool looking foward to the new mission.

    ~veteran author solraida

    CPwatex – Ya look Like Way to a mission and look i see the lighthouse!

  2. I want to meet you Woton how do I?


    Woton: I’m usually on Mammoth at the Dock about 6:00-8:00 Am PST every morning. 😀

    CPwatex – Ya he is always on Mammoth and i am his friend on last……….and we got a stupid thing and we got friend but i had to delete him! 😦

    Woton: How the heck are you editing comments?!

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