PST and Sports Party

I have e-mailed Club  Penguin support about 3 things. The first, is giving out the HTML code for the PST clock on the Community Page, so we can put it on our sites and blogs. Second, I asked if they culd ad some kind of icon on the screen and it tells you the PST time, so you don’t always have to go to the Snow Forts. Third, I asked if they would ever bring back the Sports Party. Here’ my response:


We are glad to hear that you like the new PST clock. We also appreciate all the
suggestions that you have sent us in regards to PST. I will be sure to mention
your ideas at our next development team meeting. Please understand that your
suggestions might get used right away, not for a long time or not at all.
Regardless we still like your ideas and we have made a note of them.

As for the sports party:

I am almost certain Club Penguin will host another sports party in the future,
no promises though. When will this be? I believe this has yet to be decided,
but if and when it does get planned for release I am sure Aunt Arctic will post
an article about it in the Penguin Times newspaper so everyone is made aware. Be
sure to keep your eyes on the lookout!


Club Penguin Support

So it’s all a maybe, like always, and my idea will be told to Billybob!

Waddle On!



One Response

  1. I think sports party will come back in olympic or euro 2008

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