Woton’s Awasome Contest! (by CPwatex)

This is on wotons! site and this is a mini Contest! You must say the how old woton (HIS PENGUINS AGE!) ! (i dont know eather!)

Here are the Prizes!

  • Be Wotons buddy! (lol i will ask from him to be!)
  • Blogroll for Month! (i will ask from woton!)
  • A discrib of ur penguin with Your Pic! (I will make it!)

Please woton dont say the age! they will guess! Contest Over 15 june!


18 Responses

  1. I think its 524 days!

  2. I think 676!

  3. I think 634 days old!

  4. i think about 647

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  6. 714

  7. 615

  8. 680

  9. 490

  10. 560

  11. 740

  12. 654

  13. 679

  14. 600

  15. Spynick, you can only have one guess. Which will it be?

  16. oh sorry heh 654

    CPwatex – Plz dont smap!

  17. who won!!!

    CPwatex – Woton will say it!

  18. […] age contest. I will post it tomorrow! This gives you one last chance to make a guess! Click HERE to participate in […]

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