Im back!

Hey everyone! I’m back from my trip, and boy did I have a blast! I am so impressed with how well my admins kept this site updated! Thank you very much! I would especially like to thank Cpwatex, Bluep23 and Ceptor99. It’s also very cool how so many parties and contests were posted! Thank you very much, everyone that posted!

So…now that my improvement project is finished, I will start my weekly schedule. Here is how it works- every day I will post what is on the schedule. Here it is:

  • Sat- New contest. I will have a new mini contest each week. I will also have larger contests.
  • Sun- Previous weeks contest winner posted. This is not the winner of the contest that started Saturday, but the winner of the contest from the Saturday before.
  • Mon- Penguin of the week. I will choose a penguin who I think deserves the title of penguin of the week.
  • Tues- Igloo of the week. I will look for igloos on CP that are really cool. If you would like me to see your igloo you can comment a link to a picture of it or put it on the map, tell me what time you are going to have it on the map and what server you are on. I am almost always on from 7:00 am- 8:00 am PST (CP time).
  • Wed- Interview. I will interview someone and post it on my site. If you want to be interviewed ask me and I might send you an email with some questions on it. This is a good way to make yourself known!
  • Thurs- The new newspaper on CP is released.
  • Fri- CP is always updated on Friday.

I will also do any other posts of interesting things that happen on CP.


BTW, I am thinking about some promotions for some of my mods!

One last thing, we had an amazing day in terms of hits, the other day! We got almost 700 hits in ONE day!! WOW!

Waddle on!



7 Responses

  1. Cool! All this sounda like fun! Also, thanks for posting me up there! 🙂

    Woton: Thank YOU for helping me keep my site updated! 😀

  2. Well Woton I’m looking forward to seeing your posts again!

  3. Oh yea! I forgot to ask! How do you make animations?

    Woton: I’m not sure, I haven’t made any myself.

  4. Ha ha! Sorry I keep commenting, I was just wondering, could you make a post on my blog introducing yourself?

  5. Do u went a trip?? wow! i know it now! ok i have Posted a contest for ur penguin!

  6. Oh, ok.

  7. hi woton plz meet me on mammoth at the dojo im called jojo mercury ill meet u anytime just say nitro

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