Ceptor99’s 1,000 Hit Party!

I finally have 1,000 hits. So…

Where: Dock
When: June 13, 5:00 Club Penguin Time
If this is too early or too late then comment telling what time is better for you.
If you see me during the party, say “Woot!” and crowd around me.
I will add you to my buddy list.
This is going to be a massive party.
I will try to get the famous penguins to come.
Comment if you’re coming.
This party will be awesome!

Update: Time changed to 6:45 A.M.


7 Responses

  1. cool

  2. sorry but can u change it to 6? because i planned to meet my frend on aim at 5:15, and we can talk for a LOOONGG time! thanks for taking this into consideratiuon.

    Ceptor99: I can change it to 5:30, but some people want it am. I’ll think about it.

  3. i think i dont want that buddy thing cuz i have a full list 😉

    P.M or A.M

    I can if its on A.M

  4. If its pm i cant come cos itll be like 1:00am where i am.
    And i cant come if its pm becos ill be at school ;( soz

  5. </span

    I left a comment there ya go.

  6. did that party already happen

  7. yes

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