Newspaper issue #138 came out today! It was basically all about the Water Party coming up. But, it didn’t say anything we all didn’t know. This newspaper gave a sneak peek of the new play coming out the 13:

It sounds kind of olden Father Timeish stuff. Also, there was a page all about summer here it is:

Each thing you scrolled over showed a description. Here they are:

Rockhopper– The captain has promised a visit, so keep an eye out for him!

Parties– The Water Party kicks off the summer on June 13! ‘Tune’ in for more parties this season. It’s what penguins do best!

Catalogs– Summer deals sizzle all over the island. Fabulous outfits and igloo décor galore! Grab a friend and go on a shopping spree this season!

Contests– Flex your creative muscles this summer with one of the island’s many contests. Now with bigger prizes!

The Stage– Wowing audiences takes courage, dedication, and a bunch of friends to dress up in silly costumes with! New plays are on the way!

Games– No description here, hmmmmm.

There’s also a secret on that page. Drag all the pictures to the other page and you’ll find another description:

(click to enlarge)


Also, have you noticed Rockhopper’s plant? Of course you all know it grows every Thursday, and I’ll show you how grown it is:



Waddle On!



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