Penguin Mail

Billybob has been talking about Penguin Mail on the CPIP Blog. He said that you can send mail to penguins when their offline, and you can save and delete mail that penguins give you! It sounds like a lot of fun! Here’s the logo:

I think it looks pretty good! What do you think? Keep checking the CPIP Blog for more info. Billybob said he’ll post about all the new updates, one each week.

 Waddle on!



8 Responses

  1. Are a beta or a lier like looking like a beta in cp from hacking plz can u change ur colour to red 🙂

    ~CPwatex a.k.a Coolgindara

  2. This is not a hack! Not a edit! Or a glitch! I am a real beta on Club Penguin! Also, why do you want me to turn red?

  3. i want please turn And please display that pic 🙂

    ~CPwatex a.k.a Coolgindara

  4. But, tell me why first. And I will.

  5. just i wanna how it looks! 🙂 PLZ CHANGE IT! 😉

    ~CPwatex a.k.a Coolgindara

  6. Fine! I’ll do it on my next post. But, I’m gonna change back (if I don’t like how I look.)

  7. He Bluep do you hv AIM or MSN

  8. MSN, why?

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