New Newspaper

CP Times Issue #137 came out today, and it announced the contest winners for both contests.

The Book Contest winners were announced.

The stories will be released tomorrow.

The igloo contest winners were announced, also. Personally, I didn’t think many of their igloos had anything to do with mediaeval and a lot of them were horrible. Once again, lots of people have gotten their hopes up about having an awesome igloo and then having the judges pick a bunch of horrible igloos.

There were an additional 20 winners instead of 10. The only person I know out of all the winners of both contests is Red Apollo, although I managed to track one of the winners down named Ldspiky, but couldn’t get a pic of his igloo.

The In Focus feature was on igloos today.

Aunt Arctic pretty much said, in one of her Q-A sessions that there WILL be more colored puffles coming later.

Sorry, my comp is being horrible today and wont let me put in the rest of the pics. I hope I can at least release the improvement project.

Waddle on!



2 Responses

  1. Darn my comp…

  2. I think the coumpeter randemly picks igloos so unfair otherwise both of us could have won.

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