Catalog Sneak Peek

Billybob has posted a sneak peek of the upcoming catalog, the Medieval Furniture Catalog. Click here for more info on it!

~Cpwatex a.k.a Coolgindara

~Edited by Woton


6 Responses

  1. I put the code on my sidebar. It links to your site. It looks awesome!

  2. What is your site?

  3. I also put the code!

    Woton: Would you like to be on my blogroll for a while or have your name and link to ur site in one of my posts? Having ur name and site in a post would probraly get more hits!

  4. dude why are u edit my thing? u and solrida and woton y?

    ~CPwatex a.k.a Coolgindara

  5. I was just shortening down some of the things because some of them didn’t make sense.

  6. woton how solroida edit it?

    ~CPwatex a.k.a Coolgindara

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