Party!/Welcome back/New Contest/Sled Racing with Fano!

Before I get started I’d like to welcome Cpwatex back to the team! We had a misunderstanding but now all is resolved! 😀

There is a great party! One of the best CP had ever put on! I am quite impressed! They decorated almost all of the rooms and even came up with a new one!

But before I begin with the party I would like you to look through the pictures and see how many times you can see Fano! Comment saying how many times you saw him and in what pictures and if you get them all correct you will get to be on my blogroll for two weeks! If your already on my blogroll, there is a good chance you will soon be taken off and put onto a different blogroll because I am doing a blogroll clean up this week!

Anyway, on to the party!

The Ice Rink is an arena of some sort

The plaza has a few cool changes.

The forest leads to the Treetops.

Unfortunately there is a loading problem with the Treetops. Hopefully CP will fix this soon. I couldn’t get into them so I had to use a pic from Mike92.

The Cove has a few new changes that are pretty cool.

The Pizza Place has become the Knight’s Round Table. You can walk under the table.

The pet shop has become a barn.

The Town is pretty cool, too. Notice how it says Knight Club instead of Night Club.

The Knight Club is cool on the inside.

The King’s royal throne is in the Dance Lounge. Looks like the King likes to disco, eh? (By the way, do you notice someone looking out over yonder?)

The dock has the free item next to the TAKE ONE! sign.

Te free item is the Squire Tunic. I personally would think they would put out another free item for a party this big, but then again, the tunic is good enough to be a members item! No offense to non-members, but usually there aren’t many free item shirts like this!

The coffee shop is okay. You might notice that the book room now has no music, even though its not decorated.

The Beach is now the base of the Wizard’s Castle. There are lots of big crystals! All mine! 😀

Th inside of the lighthouse is the inside of the Wizard’s Castle and it is cool, too!

The top of the Wizard’s Castle has the Wizard’s flying machine! Gary is gonna get the Wizard for ripping off his idea…

The Ski Village is one of the coolest rooms because it is chock full of stuff! You can cross the bridge and go onto the grassy meadow without going into the Princess’s castle.

The mountain top is really cool! It has a mirror that predicts stuff. Ask it a question and 90% of the time the answer will be yes or something that means yes.

The Princess’s Castle is very well decorated. I think CP may have taken out one of the checker boards, however.

The Princess’s Castle continues up to the (once again, very well decorated) Lodge Attic.

There is a black smiths room down in the Boiler Room. You can squeeze the pump next to the furnace.

This is one of my favorite rooms, the treasure room! Wow!

And last but not least, the Dragons Lair! You can use the switchbox to make the dragon fly, blow fire and more! Me and my friend put on a movie that he filmed. In the end of the movie, Watex rode off on the dragon into the distance… As you can imagine the movie was quite odd.

So, have you found all the pictures Fano is in? Comment and if you win you get to be on my blogroll for 2 weeks!

Talking of Fano, I got to play a sled racing game with him! He won once and I won the other time. Here are a few pics:

By the way, the improvement project will be done soon and then you will be able to sing up to be an admin, order custom headers and banners, enjoy some of the most accurate CP information and much, much more! Soon I will have a HUGE contest to get my site more popular and once it is at the best it can be I will start a weekly schedule that will have a penguin of the week, igloo of the week, interveiw of the week, contest of the week, newletter, and more!

Waddle on!



4 Responses

  1. Hey! Awesome blog : D Can you add me to your blogroll? If you comment on my site, I will add you. THX!

  2. Cool i met fano too he is my buddy!!

  3. very awesome post! there are 8 pictures of fano,or 7 pictures if the picture of you sled racing fano doesn’t count. Click on my name to go to my site. 😀

    Woton: Congrats! You won!

  4. ce misto a fost inainte

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