New Newspaper

The new newspaper came out. The story about the knights has been continued and it turns out to be an ad for the party! The party will start tomorrow! 😀

There is a medieval igloo contest. The contest begins on the 23rd, which is when the furniture catalog will be coming out.

The CP staff are currently judging the book submissions! If anyone on this site wins I’ll throw a big party for them!

The In Focus feature is on the stage.

There will be a new pet shop catalog on the 23rd.

There was an article about RH’s “rare” plant today. The pot does grow, yes.

Here is what I think the plant may be like in the end:

There were some tips on cart surfer. I tried them out and they work pretty well!

The was a review on your favorite party. This penguin is evidently either new to CP or doesn’t have a a very good taste in parties. The Sports party was THE BEST!! 😀

The is also another Create Your Own Story. Here is mine:

And here are the upcoming events.

Waddle on!



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  1. Hey dude, thx for adding me!

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