Situations/Ninja Beta Sneak Peek

I now have a chat box! Click here to go to it! I also re-did my link to us. Please put it on your site and I will put you on my blogroll!

Me and Cpwatex are friends again! We both thought it was stupid to argue about a misunderstanding so we have become friends again! I am going to re-add him! 😀

In other news, my improvement project is going along quite well. For now, I am working on my pages and saving them in drafts. In a few weeks I will have one big day where I release all my pages and then I just have a few more things to do. It is really cool and I hope you will like it! Here’s a sneak peek of a small part of the project:

If any of you would like to use the beta ninja I made here it is but you MUST give credit to me for it because it was quite hard to make:

Update: Woot! My ninja beta made it on to the first page of googling “Club Penguin ninja beta”!

I will make an improved version of him so if you don’t like this one, just wait!

Waddle on!



21 Responses

  1. Like my new avatar?

  2. i am still author!!!

    Woton: Hmmmmmmmm…

  3. fever is way nicer to me now!
    gr8 psot@

  4. Sweet! Is he gonna re-add you?

  5. nice post

  6. you know for your link to us? How do you put the html so people can copy it and paste it onto your site?
    Please explain i really need help

  7. hey dude wanna see my beta’s that im giving out and u can win them at :
    and to see the beta’s WITH THE BETA HATS!here they are:

    check it out and try to win!!!!!
    good luck dude see ya at the contest!
    -cpmac 😉

  8. Wow nice ninja!

  9. Its a very cool ninja!

  10. If u said me anything…. Look what happend to u!

    ~CPwatex a.k.a Coolgindara



  13. great site dude!!!
    keep it up too!

    -cpmac 😉

  14. hey dude check out this contest for a really rare penguin

  15. can u add me on cp?

  16. hey woton i can make a fake billybob with a beta hat

  17. i can make a fake u too with a beta hat

  18. if you want me to make a fake u go to

  19. hi woton sorry!

    ~CPwatex a.k.a Coolgindara

  20. I’m sorry too!

  21. cp…

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