Woton Improvement Project- Moderators

After a while of thinking I have decided on which mods shall be kept, and which shall be deleted. This is a list of all my mods and if they shall be deleted or kept.

  •  Coalman- Author
  •  Inferno0- Author
  •  Solraida- Admin. Has been inactive a while, but that’s okay.
  •  Napoleon21- Deleted. I will re-add you if you don’t quit CP.
  •  Zitnik- Deleted. Totally inactive has never added me.
  •  Cpwatex- WE had a misunderstanding but I will re-add you!
  •  Felix1212- Deleted. Sorry dude, totally inactive.
  •  Mcr982- Deleted. Inactive.
  •  Mrgreen1000- Deleted. Inactive.
  •  Oo7rockstar- Deleted. We has some great times together but he quit CP.
  •  Yappei-Which one do you want? Yappei or Zappzapp? Author
  •  Zappzapp-Which one do you want? Yappei or Zappzapp? Author
  •  Snowbossi- Author.
  •  Astronortt2- Author (please add me to your site) My WordPress email is cpwoton@gmail.com
  •  59bluecoolcp- Author (just make sure you figure out how to add me) 🙂
  •  Orbvab/Orbmaster- Admin.
If you would like to discuss your current posistion please email me at cpwoton@gmail.com
So, now that thats done I just need to finish my pages and my sidebar and the Woton Improvement project is done!
Waddle on!


8 Responses

  1. Come to my site and comment plz, http://gardenax.wordpress.com/

  2. I have to have ZappZapp because i forgot yappei`s password!

    Well….Waddle on!

  3. Zappzapp it is!

  4. […] i think Woton and Cpwatex are having kind of a fight with each other! if you want to see why they click here and scroll down, you will see what cpwatex said. And (sorry cpwatex, but) i dont think that woton […]

  5. cool you hate woton I do too

  6. can i be an auther?

  7. I have to set up the form. You can send me a resme once I get it set up.

  8. can I please be a author I am great with posts

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