New Play/New pin/Rumor/Upcoming events/New Comic/Best Day Ever!

The Twelfth Fish was brought back to the stage and there is absolutely no change to the production except the fish prop is dead, lol. Click on the two puffles at the top of the stage and the yellow puffle will pop up behind the box seats. The switchbox is not here and will be used for the party.

There is also a new background that non-members can buy.

The new pin is at the coffee shop. Click on the lamp and it will drop down to the floor.

Yesterday was the best day ever for this site! Congrats!

There had been a rumor that that crummy plant RH ripped us off with is actually the coolest furniture item in CP because it grows! Here is the prediction for what the plant will be like:

And just to tell everyone the rumor is true! The plant is actually growing!

There is also a new CP comic that I think is my favorite one so far. Click on the picture to see it.

Here are the upcoming events for CP this month:

  • A MASSIVE party!!! (more info later this week)
  • New furniture catalog (I heard it will be related to the upcoming party this month!)
  • Igloo contest!
  • New puffle furniture!
  • New books written by some of you!
  • New features (I talk about this stuff in more detail on the CPIP site–check it out to find out about what’s currently being worked on! Go to and click the ‘Eye Scan 3000′. You’ll have to wait a few seconds to get through the ‘doors’.

And here are some things that will be going on this month in my site:

  • New admins added, inactive admins deleted
  • Sidebar finished (Mods please do not do ANYTHING to it!)
  • New pages added, old ones deleted
  • A LOT more visitors/hits
  • MASSIVE contest
  • Weekly schedule started (more info later)
  • Site improvement project finished!
For now you may have noticed that I have totally updated my funny pics from about 70 to 150! Check it out!
Waddle on!

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