My Login Screen/Woton Improvement Project Update

Hello penguins! Have you ever been wondering what the main penguins I use are? No? Oh, whatever, I just want to show you anyway. So this is my login screen with the main penguins I use.

Here are the separate penguins and a bit about them.

PC      3

Member or Non-member- Non-member

Use- I figure that soon you wont be able to get a name with so many spaces so it’ll be really cool to have a penguin with so many.


Artic Furry

Member or Non-member-Non-member

Use- He is a very cool penguin to use 🙂




Member or Non-member- Member

Use- Sweety is the rarest penguin I use.





Member or Non-member- Member

Use- Woton is my main penguin, I have had him for years now and he is sort of rare





Member or Non-member- Non-member (His membership expired but he still had some member clothes on and got to keep them on!)

Use- A cool penguin that I share with the real Bluecool. Not as old or rare as Woton, though



Beta 3

Member or Non-member- Non-member

Use- Beta 3 is the 3rd oldest non-member I have (I lost the pass to one the oldest but I still own the second oldest, Rancidkr Aut

I have various other penguins (at least 15) and a few of them are members. The penguins I just showed you are the ones you can usually see me on.


Ok, now for the Woton improvement project. I have been doing a lot of behind the scenes work on my site and it is almost finished! The sidebar has been the biggest project so far but I am confident we have finished it. I would like to thank Cpwatex for helping me a bunch on my sidebar (I think that was you right?). Now what I need to do is delete, re-do and create some new pages along with fixing some old ones. I will then have a contest for my site getting more popular (with a good prize). Finally, I will put the schedule I have been working on for a while into action. The schedule will have a new post everyday, since CP is only updated on Thursday and Friday. Thanks to the mods that have helped me with this! By the way, I was wondering if any of you could write a post about my site on you’re sites? I lost all of the people that visited this site when my old one was hacked and deleted and the only people that came to this site were my mods. Thanks once again!

Waddle on!



8 Responses

  1. Hey man i like ur site¬

  2. :O you are 59bluecool?

  3. No, I’m not but I use that penguin

  4. man sweety is banned forver i know his password:*****

  5. hOLa!

    cool site!

    can i be admin

    my email is
    i dunno which one

  6. hey nice site! please check out mine!

  7. a wont be a member

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