Tip Rockhoppers Ship!

Here is my biggest fan crowd ever!

Yay! I also met Rh again! Here are some pics:

Ok, this part i s unbelievable! Rh said you could tip his ship! This is not an edit!

And no one told him to say that!

Wow! We still have much to look forward to on CP!

Waddle on!



10 Responses

  1. Woton, i didnt banned your account i didnt even go on your account.


    Woton: But then…how the…what?!?!?!!? I was banned for 24 hours, who did it?!?!?!?!

  2. what u say? what happend?

  3. woton dont be sad for telling this. Are you getting croud like i am recoding and come here and say woton for be clicked! sorry!

  4. Woton can you come on my 1000 hits party please?

    I will b telling the date soon

    And can you come also cpwatex??

  5. sure! ill try!

  6. Iz that an edit? Anyway, on Ikariam, what version(.com .org etc) and what server(Alpha, elipson etc) do you use?

  7. No it’s not an edit! I swear!

  8. u saw rockhopper twice! ur lucky woton oh and u paid that crowd!! lol j/k or maybe not………nope just kidding

  9. ok snowbossi i will be there ill try!

  10. Actually me and coolgindara (cpwatex) just started dancing and I went away from the screen for a few minutes and went I got back there were a few more people dancing with us and saying “Will you be my buddy Woton?” because I was in the center of the crowd and had started the party. Then morer and more people started asking that even thoughthey didn’t know who it was and soon people were just saying “WOTON!”. So no, I actually didn’t bribe them although I can see how you think I did. 🙂

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