Rockhopper’s Key, Two New Rooms, New Game

Woton: Who screwed up my blogroll?!

CPwatex update: Do u remember that beta tester in club penguin improvement project? He is not a beta and he hack! and when we go from normal vertision no beta hat! i found his password  Name: Lapricon 100 Password: password

To find Rockhopper’s key first go to the town and then into the coffee shop. Go up the stairs in the coffee shop to get to the book room. Click on the book icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen or the pile of books on the shelf.

Then click on Rockhopper’s journal.

Click on the NEWEST WRITING at the beginning of the book and flip the pages to the back of the book. Click on RH’s key.

You need the key to get to RH’s room. You can also wear it as a pin.

Go to RH’s ship. Click on the UP arrow on the mast to go to the Crows Nest.

You can click on the cannon and it will fire.

Go into the ship hold and through the door. There is Rockhopper’s quarters!

There is a new game (8 of them) you can play where you try to uncover as much treasure as possible. Click on the instruction board in the back of the room for detailed instructions. The game is pretty cool. You can get coins which are worth 1 coin, diamonds which are worth 25, and emeralds which are worth 100! It is very rare to get an emerald.

You can also click on the message board in the back of the room, right next to the treasure game instructions. There is a message from RH and a few pictures.

Anyway, what do you think will happen to the treasure hunt game? I think it might go to the beach or somewhere.

Waddle on!



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