Trouble on Watex’s Chat Box

There was quite a problem on Watex’s bribble yesterday. Bulletwolf, one of the moderators, hacked the chat and started banning everyone in sight, including the other moderators. While I was trying to take the pictures for this post I was kicked four times and banned twice for a week.

Obviously I wasn’t even saying anything and yet was getting banned. Newman1000 and Tristern were the mods there at the time. Misam (the head of the chat) got banned, too! Here are some pictures I took of Bulletwolf banning a bunch of people (Click the pics for larger size).

Look here. I was banned twice. For some reason I got to come back after the first ban!

If you are seeing it say Bulletwolf-Xx (thats bulletwolf) being banned in some places then take a look at this picture.

There were a few people impersonating bulletwolf. The real bulletwolf is Bulletwolf-xx, who you notice is the ONLY person that didn’t get banned!

Anyway, Misam and Fever deleted Bulletwolf from the mod list, unbanned everyone and now Watex’s chat is back to normal!

Waddle on!



One Response

  1. ya i repoted in to watex!

    ~CPwatex a.k.a Coolgindara

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