The Duke57 Story

Ok, I might as well tell you since he’s banned forever: Duke57’s password is football.

Hello! Woton here. I’m gonna tell you about how one penguin screwed up a beta penguins account and how the beta got banned forever. The beta’s name was Duke57. Now, he may not have been a beta, but he’s been around for a long time, and I am sad to announce that yesterday, he got banned forever.

It all started with one person who found out Duke’s password about a month ago. A month later he told another penguin who went around saying Duke’s password all over Club Penguin. Obviously, Duke got banned. First for 6 hours, the for 24 hours, the for FOREVER.

One day when I was on Club Penguin I saw the penguin that was going around telling people Duke’s password. He told me it. I went onto Dukes account and took a few pics with it. I did not do anything to ban it. There must have been another person trying to get onto Duke’s account because we kept bumping each other off his account. I would have gone off it immediately in case it was Duke himself but the other person kept saying “Go to he!!” (Yes, you can say that and you wont get automatically banned, but if someone reports you ,you’re toast). Anyway, our war over his account went on, I managed to have enough time to take three pics with it and then BAM! Duke57 is banned for 24 hours. 24 hours later Duke is un-banned. I didn’t even have enough time to get on his account before it is banned FOREVER! I hope whoever did that feels sorry about what they did. And by the way, this is the actual story of what happened. Other people may say other things but this is the true, sad story of how Duke57 got banned forever.

Anyway, here are some pics I took of Duke.


(Notice the blue circle around Duke, that means I am controlling him)

To avoid this happening to you NEVER tell your pass to anyone! If you see a penguin that wants to trade with you (even if it is a rare penguin or member) do NOT trade or share with them. Usually the penguins that say they will share tell you their fake pass and then quickly ban yours before you have time to realize they tricked you. Don’t even tell your best friend your account password unless you don’t want your account anymore.

Waddle on!



7 Responses

  1. That stinks! I hope he gets unbanned!


    Woton: Hi toronto! 🙂

  2. ya someone said that we will share duke57 and he did while I shared my penguin sweety902 and he told me the pass at
    and today he got banned foreva he said the pass in the dock at FROZEN I didn’t tell any 1 the pass! so u guys think it might be my fault and it isnt so here is another rare penguin with pink and black togue U:***** P:******
    its my peng plz dont bann it
    I know duke57’s pass!

    Comment edited by Woton (I don’t want your penguin to get banned!) 🙂

  3. Aww Duke was really cool. All of the good penguins get banned.

  4. Hello Woton1. You probably do not know me, I am Ennbay. My site is I know that you are telling the truth. My brother got Duke57’s pass before he was banned forever also, although he never banned him. The person who banned him is a hacker. DO NOT EVEN SAY HI TO HIM OR HE WILL BAN U FOREVER. HE MAKES HIS OWN HACKING PROGRAMS!!! His name is Kyo5000. Thank you for your time.

    ~Ennbay :mrgreen:

    Woton – : Cool! Thanks!

    CPwatex – : Ya he said to me also!

  5. ya i got a account called lemonfoot27! (u will never find his password!) and kyo5000 said “wanna share?” and i said “yes” just for a test and he tell his password and i dident tell! cuz i must cheack first i cheack it! and cp said there is no penguin like that! well dont give ur password to anyone!

    ~CPwatex a.k.a Coolgindara

  6. Guess what! My brother also had the account Jeida4 and this was before the Duke57 story. Kyo5000 was seen in football chat asking him to talk. So, he talked and said hi when he looked back on CP, it said that he was banned for 24 hours. Luckily, he’s not banned forever yet.

  7. ya every rare penguins password is dam easy!

    ~CPwatex a.k.a Coolgindara

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