Rockhopper Party and New Sports Catalog

Rockhopper’s party started today, and I must say, it’s not much. The party is almost the exact same as the Rockhopper Party last year; same few item, same pin location, same decorations. Anyway, for the penguins that weren’t at the RH party last year it’s pretty cool!

The party basically starts at the Plaza (or the Ski Village) and goes through CP. Make sure to get the sailors cap at the plaza.

The party then goes through the Snow Forts, Town, Dock and Beach…

…to end in the Ski Village. Click on the shovel and the pin will pop out. If there is a crowd of people on top of the pin hold down TAB and click where the pin is. You will be able to walk on top of the people crowding the pin and get it!

The Night Club, the Coffee Shop and the Migrator are also decorated.

Click on the board in the Coffee Shop and it will change. It did this before the RH party, too, it just did not show the message “Avast me hearties.”

There is also a new sport shop catalog. There are no new secrets besides the silver surfboard one and there are no new backgrounds, only the baseball one brought back. The theme of this sport shop catalog is baseball.

There are also some new furniture items.

Waddle on!



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