Rockhopper/CP Update/New Author

The note on RH’s door has been replaced with a new one!

Here is a funny pic I made of Rockhopper coming back.

Cp said that you are going to be able to switch to full screen mode next week (I already know how to). They also said there will be a lot going on in May.

I met someone named Snowbossi on Watex’s chat today. We became friends so we have added each other as authors to our sites. Snowbossi’s site is

I also got quite a few people on my site this morning.

The other day I saw a mob of penguins demanding Brazilian servers, Spainish server, etc.

What do you think about the new servers being something else?

Anyway, I also have some ideas about the improvement project and will put them into action soon.

Waddle on!



One Response

  1. Well there are already canadian servers omg i cant belive people said i want canadan servers there are lol and ya there are 6 people on this site

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