Caution! Hackers!

There were five hackers today on Mammoth. This may be one persons hacking project or it may be some sort of new hack you can do because of the new CP update. Here are the four penguins I saw:

There was apparently someone named C too. You can tell the penguins hacked their name because penguin names must be four letters long and none of these names are four letters. Do you notice something similar about all of these penguins? They are all black and judging by their lack of clothes and nothing in their igloos (yes, I became buddies with them and went to their igloos) they all look like they are one day old. You’ll also notice there are only five of them and you wanna know how many penguins you are allowed to create? Five. I am really thinking that this is one persons idea of “fun”. Lol. 🙂

Waddle on!



2 Responses

  1. yes, apparently this was some sort of glitch available today. cp fixed it thouhg.

    Woton: I see. Thank you. welcome to my site.

  2. i saw c,and 555555555555 and penguin325535364,and beta! SOME NAMES ARE TOOO! LONG!than the limite!

    ~CPwatex a.k.a COolgindara

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