Site redo

Hello penguins! I am totally going to re-do my site! Right now it is a little messy and not very popular but I can guarantee you it will be much better at the end of this project! I have also been saying I am going to have an improvement project for a while. I combined the ideas from the improvement project along with a bunch of other ones and made this list of things I will do:

  1. New site theme- I am thinking the “Silver is the new black” theme (Watex’s theme would look good, although I have a few others in mind.
  2. New header- I am going to have really cool new header, but for now I will have a header that says my site is under construction.
  3. Woton TV- Yes! It’s back, oh ya! I am finally bringing Woton TV back, although it might take a while.
  4. Sidebar/widgets- I am going to rip out my entire sidebar and replace it with a way better sidebar. Oh, and the widgets page is going in the trash! Sorry!
  5. Mods- Okay, being a mod will be a much more privileged thing to be. I’m gonna delete the mods like oo7rockstar that quit and Yappei: You can either have Yappei or ZappZapp as a mod. Sorry if I sound harsh. More news on this later.
  6. Posts: My posts are gonna be a bit neater and well done .I will also be editing/deleting posts by my mods that are really badly written and poorly done.
  7. ACP- Ya, I still fight for the ACP :).
  8. Army- I’m gonna make my own little “army” although it will be more like a small group of ACP soldiers.
  9. Igloo of the week- Yup, I’m gonna start that up again. I will make a day each week to post the igloo of the week on.
  10. Woton Company- I’m gonna have a new site called Woton Co. I will make headers, edits, custom penguin pics, widgets and more!
  11. Planet Cazmo site- Okay, I might make a Planet Cazmo site, but I don’t know if I’m really up for it. It seems that if I start posting Planet Cazmo news I might lag on Club Penguin news a little.
  12. Contests- How could I forget? 🙂 once my site gets more popular (explained below) I will start having cool contests.
  13. Parties- Yay! I will start having some parties!
  14. Blogroll- I’m gonna get my blogroll started!
  15. Story site- I might have a site that has Club Penguin stories.
  16. Funny pics/edited pics- I’ve been thinking about this one for a while. At first I thought I would make another site just for the pics but I think I will just make a pictures page.
  17. Pages- I am going to delete some pages and add a bunch of new ones. More news on that later.
For now: I am going to work on this project one step at a time. I will make a post with info on each one of these things once I have completed them.
Oh, and one more thing. Once I have the majority of this done I will start on the most important part of it all: Fame. Now excuse me if I sound a little greedy 😉 but I am going to make this site a LOT more popular! I am going to try and start with the type of fame Orbvab has and then build up to Cpmonster type fame and hopefully, some day, when Mohd222, Chewypup, Watex and the rest get sick of Club Penguin and quit then I will try to get up there, to the top. Now this is a pretty big dream and will take a few years at least but remember, right now I’m just going for the Orbvab type fame, in the 20,000s in terms of hits. Of course I can’t do it without my fans, mods and friends on Club Penguin so the last thing I would like to say is: Thank you and get ready for a big change! 😉
Waddle on!

4 Responses

  1. yep but u are thinking theme is new sliver in black or some thing but u cant edit the header of it! cuz u must pay for ur CCS Per day $0,04 per day! and woton make ur own site like wwe adam! u must pay it too! my dad said that if u got populer i will pay for a site! and u must delete some mods!!! :mrgreen: 😆 and a make a page like passswordbox and how to beat agent missions! and when i post in a blog! its going to google cuz i have make a toolbar and i ad to top blog thing! it get me some its and if u want hits join a club penguin club site and post ur url! but if u post it on a wrong place u will get banned! and go to and make ur own url! i make my own url on that its free here it is when u click or something it goes to! like that if u make like this u will get more populer and u will get sometimes money for this!! when u make ur own site (pay for wordpress and make it!) and go to google adsense! and do that they said to you and when it finish it will get advertise to ur site! when we click a ad u will get money for ur money account (bank account!) and go to cp and type there “Search woton1 in google” it will get u hits! when u get a woton tv and type in cp “Search woton tv in youtube!” and thats a way to get populer.

    ~CPwatex a.k.a Coolgindara

    Woton: Cool! Thanks! Ill have news on all of this one step at a time! 🙂


  3. what is ur site urL??


  4. i am not watex i am cpwatex 😈 lol!


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