New Newspaper

Today a new newspaper came out on Club Penguin.

First of all, you can now submit tips (for the in focus feature) and reviews for the CP Newspaper.

The Migrator is FINISHED!!! Finally!

If you notice the slip of paper on G’s pocket keeps flashing different colors.

There is also a game in the newspaper. You have to put the pieces of the Migrator together. Here is a guide I made for the game. Put the pieces of the ship in place in the order I wrote. (Click on the pics for full size).

Note: Piece number 2 can be difficult to put in place.

This is the second part of putting the ship together:

Obviously, you put the crows nest and pirate flag on top of the mast (the crows nest first).

G has decided to contact Rockhopper using fireworks. Click on the machine at the beach to see the fireworks explode.

All the junk on the migrator has been cleared off the deck and you can now go into the ship hold. If you click on the message on the captain quarter’s door it says this:

Ah-ha! So they are finally admitting that there is a key! Cool! 

Waddle on!


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