CPIP Update

There have been many new thing going on with the CPIP. The server test is done, as all of you know and the CP home page redesign is underway. The new site will be released on April 14, but in the mean time Billybob gave us a sneak peek of it.

This is the site now:

This is how the site will be on April 14:


The Club Penguin logo has also been re-done and will be released on April 14. I like the new logo a lot better.

Billybob said he would also give all the testers something on the real Club Penguin, it would just take time because it would be part of the update…

“The update” is mentioned on the main CPIP page. I wonder what the update will be?

Talking of updates I wanted to mention my improvement project is- well shall we say, WordPress’s new update is totally screwed up. A part of my project involves putting about 80 pics on a site and it is not working…it’s gonna take a while.

Waddle on!


3 Responses

  1. goodbye woton im quiting cp

  2. cause of qnvm

  3. inferno0 what will happen to ur site??? and ur account dont quit!!!!

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