Aqua Grabber Update

Aqua Grabber has been updated. The only thing you have to collect now is the treasure chest. You can also collect pearls which are located all around. White pearls are worth 25 coins and black ones are worth 50.

To get the treasure chest you must go to very bottom of the sea floor and take a right. There is a very long passage that you have to go down.

At the bottom is the treasure chest and a pocket of air. Re-fill your air and watch out for the fish as you make your way back up the passage. Mullet is at the top of the passage, back for revenge. The second he goes one way, quickly dart up the side he is not at. If you hit him your treasure will fall back down the passage and you will have to repeat this process all over again, this time not hitting Mullet.

Once you get past Mullet it is fairly easy. Make your way past the smaller fish and go to the top to drop the treasure chest into the net (which was made larger, by the way). If you want to get some pearls, set the treasure chest down on one of the top ledges and go find some pearls. Remember: The clams have to be sleeping with their mouths open for you to be able to get the pearls. If you are on your last life I would not recommend searching for pearls unless you are confident you can get some air bubbles.

This is the coolest part of the update. Just like in Catchin Waves how you can bring your red puffle along to help you earn you some more coins, you can bring your pink puffle along to help you in Aqua Grabber! Just enter Aqua Grabber while you have your pink puffle on a walk and it will help you throughout the game. It can blow bubbles for you so you can have a ton of air and last in the game forever! It is extremely helpful. If you don’t have a pink puffle I would almost recommend getting one just to use it is Aqua Grabber!Just kidding! Actually the puffle does almost nothing but is still fun to have. 🙂

By the way: I got a bunch of really great pics of the update, but WordPress was just updated and I can’t figure out how to insert them into this post. I am going to email support and hopefully I will be able to insert pics very soon! I will be sure to put those pics in this post once I figure it out!

Waddle on!



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