Late release

It is almost 8:00 AM PST and Club Penguin still has not released the new clothing catalog!
This is a picture for proof:
It’s a little dark but you can still see that it is time for the new catalog release. Okay, I’m being a little tough. I guess I should try programing a new catalog every month! Lol. 🙂
It almost looks like some people already have the new catalog. I some some people with weird new ties and some with red baseball caps.
But there never was a red cap until now. See?:
Heres some people with ties:
But when you click on their player cards:
And look at this guys sweet background!

I’m gonna log off and log back on again…see if that works.
Ill be sure to post the catalog secrets once they come out!

Waddle on!


2 Responses

  1. Glich!!!lol

  2. Hi woton,

    You have a mac! COOL! i know why it does that, because the cp mods live in canada so its a different time so the people who live in canada or next to canada then they will get the clothing!

    I hope that tells you everything!


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