New Updates and Newspaper

Rockhoppers ship is going pretty well. We just need to find out how to contact Rockhopper.
You can now go on RH’s ship but it is very dirty.
This is a funny pic I made of RH’s ship:
It is made by me. If you want to use it you need to put a link to my site saying made by Woton,
Apparently Aunt Arctic is now the editor in chief of the CP times. I always thought she was.
It looks like penguins are going to be able to write for the newspaper soon! Sweet!
The in focus feture this week is on the dance club.
There was a new type of puzzle today and it looks like there will be a new type every week.
Here is a guide to finding all the words in it. See if you can find the last two. 🙂
There’s gonna be a new play at the stage on April 11. I wonder what it will be about?
It looks like some new (and old) ties will be coming back soon. I hope Cp doesn’t bring back the red and yellow striped one. They’ve brought back too many rare items that aren’t rare anymore.
And here are the events that will be happening soon.

I am working on something I think I will call the Picture Project. Lately I have been taking and making a TON of pictures and I don’t think my funny pics page is quite enough for all of them. I’m gonna keep the project secret for now but it’s release date will be soon. The Best Igloo contest I talked about a while ago will be part of this, too!

Also, I will soon have another contest soon!

Waddle on!
Woton 🙂


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