The First Contest

The first contest is a race of knowlage. Whoever can find out what my very first site was (not or any of the sites listed on the About Cpwoton page) then you will get a penguin named Surf Rat Qrq. He is about 70-80 days old. He has a few fee items. He is a non-member and he is a tour guide and secret agent. He is pretty
scoreboardphp.jpgAnyway, you must find my VERY first site and copy and paste the first (and only) post I WROTE on it into a comment on this site. Whoever can finish copy and paste that post into this site first wins the penguin. I will give hints if it has not been found after a while.I am still going to have another few contests with more penguins. I will also start giving out some of my extra sites for the winners of the contests. Check back here for more!-Waddle on! Woton


One Response

  1. The site was Right…..

    Woton: Perhaps…now copy and paste the 1st post into a comment on my site

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