A Egg timer!

there is a egg timer in club penguin test servers.u must log on from this one http://play.clubpenguin.co.uk/load.swf

and there is a eastern clock i dont know i got from mike in test servers its working! you will see a clock that looks like this:


That is an egg timer.

Some of you might be wondering… What is an egg timer?

The egg timer was a project that Club Penguin came up with a long time ago that they never officaly released. It would allow parents to set a time limit on how long their child is able to play on Club Penguin for.(i dont undestand it too!)

Those with the egg timer enabled on their account would see it to the left of the mod logo in the game on the top right or left corner of the test server screen. When your time limit is over you will get an error message like this:-




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  1. But u must go from the load swf url remeber it!

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