To make a post you first must create a WordPress at It is really simple and easy and fun. You don’t even need to make it a fancy site or anything. You don’t even need to use your site. Then I can add you to my site. The next time you log in run you mouse over the title of your site (When you are in the Write section). If I added you as an admin to my site my site will appear just below the title of your site. Click on it and then you can post, moderate comments, etc. on my site. I hope you understand! It’s really quite simple! But make sure you logged into the name that I added you on. If you have any questions ask me!

There is also a new comic. It is one of my favorites.

There is also a new Club Penguin Poll: What submissions are you favorite each week in the Club Penguin Times? Go here
and click on the Penguin Poll button to vote.

Billybob also made a new post about the new yearbook. To read it go here.

More later!



2 Responses

  1. You know how you want your old site back, well, maybe if you e-mail wordpress and tell them everything that happened they can undelete your old site! 😉

    CPwatex : Ya thats right send a mail!~

    Woton: Ill try! Thanks!

  2. hey woton i already post it on ur site!


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