Some News For You..!

There is 6 server’s in cpip. check out! and the year book came 2005 – 2006 check out the book room!

the new year book


the new 6 servers in cpip


and the new comic in club penguin (click to full size)




5 Responses

  1. cool! Thanks for posting! After a day of being an author you have already done two posts! I have promoted you to ADMIN!

  2. thx man

  3. so where do i log in

  4. u can log for cpip from

    and thx woton!

  5. i no that u said im an admin for ur website

    CPwatex : wotons log on there is a meta and site admin or if u dident log on click log in and u will go to the admin panel! 😀

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