News, and lots of it! (Be sure to read it all, expecially mods!)

Ok, I have lots of news, good, bad, and cool. I’ll tell you the good news first.
Check it out! I have re-added Coaman1, Inferno0, Napoleon21, Felix1212, oo7rockstar and Zitnik as admins. I have also added Cpwatex (who has already earned the rank of admin) and Mrc982. If you are an editor and want to be an admin you will have to do helpful posts as much as possible before I even post! Make sure you check out my new widget page too! I am going to make another mod page but I dont now about all those other pages (history of cp, etc.). I’ll try really hard to make this site be as good as my old one but it might take a bit. Right now what I really need is active, helpful mods that are also willing to write pages and stuff, but what I most need is hits!! Please advertise my site and put it on my blogroll. I have a really good idea for my new blogroll but it might take a bit to make. If you put me on your blogroll, I’ll put your site on mine.

Now for the bad news. My good friend, Coalman1, knows a mean kid in his class that has a ton of hacking programs. He is apparenly the person that hacked my site and he says he is going to hack Coalman1’s site and delete it, just like what he did to mine! He also hacked my email so he could send the activation to delete it. Please go to and help prevent this from happening (although there is absolutely nothing you can do maybe it will help Coalman feel better to have a lot of support)! Me and Coalman made a backup site and hacker, there’s no way you’re going to be able to know about it! So HA! I also am making a backup site. Actually, I sort of think this mean kid is lying and has no idea how to even type a word but I could be wrong. If this is the hacker, please accept my deapest appologies Waddy28 and Yappei (about Yappei, I will not add you until this is over, so I want PROOF that it wasn’t you that hacked my site. If you get me that proof I will re-add you. If you delete me from your site I will consider this over bettween you and me. Not trying to be mean or anything). Anyway, if that kid isn’t the hacker then the mystery still continues.

If anyone has any ideas of pages I should make please post them here. I am already going to make a My Famous Buddys page, a Moderators page, a Funny Pics page, maybe a History of CP page, and probraly a few others. But I still need ideas!

And about the contest I was having, um, it’s kind of busted. I think I’ll either start the voting over with the same people or just start the whole contest over, because I sort of forgot what the prizes were. Sorry. I am also making a new poll and getting my mebbo set up. Wait a sec…I have my mebbo on another one of my sites too! That makes this mebbo job simply a copy and paste job! Sweet! I am also making a new poll about how you think my site is doing. Be honest! I personaly think it is going quite well, but I don’t know how the rest of you feel. Anyway, it has been about 2 1/2 days and I have over 200 hits! Lets keep em comin! With my old site I got a bunch (not as many as this, though
:)) of hits within the first few days and then the number of hits I got per day started decresing but I am going to be sure to make sure the number of hits per day keeps INcreasing! If we can get that to happen I will have a second contest or a party or something to celebrate. Remember: For every good thing that happens for me on this site, a good thing will happen to you! Hmmm…I sense something fun happening after all this stuff is done…Oh, and in case your wondering what hits means it means how many (different) people have seen this site. If someone looks at this site more than once it only counts them for ONE, not two. So 200 people in two days…WOW! I have also been getting quite a few comments per post, lately.

Oh, by the way, I am also posting on cpwatex’s site,

Once again thanks for the great support! Make sure you check back here for new pages, new contests, new polls, and more fun stuff! And *sniff* news on Coalman’s site.

More later!


P.S. For the people I am admins for (expecially Solraida) I will get back to poting regularly on your sites as much as possible! Sorry about the trouble lately!

P.P.S. I WILL be accepting mods! It will just be a little, um, different and will require more trust to be a mod on my site. On my other site I was just accepting mods out of the blue whoch lead to my site being deleted! I will not make that same mistake again! Be sure to ask me if you want to be one (I will have the Mod page up soon). More later!


4 Responses

  1. He also told me that Waddle is his cousins name with the hacking stuff

    Woton: OMG…I think this is over it’s Waddy28

  2. go to my site for the proof!

    CPwatex : Wht site???? no site!?

  3. go to

  4. ya it is over

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