St. Patrick’s Day Party, New Play and Some News on my Site

There is a big St. Patrick’s Day party, although I have to admit, I am a little dissapointed. It seems that every time CP has a new party it gets smaller. Anyway, the party is still quite cool! The party or “Parade” starts in the Ski Village and goes throught the Town, Snow Forts and Plaza to end in the Forest. The Forest is probraly my favorite room. CP always makes the Forsest really cool. The Night Club and the Coffee shop (1st floor) are also decorated. The Night Club seems no differently decorated than last year.

The Space Adventure play is back and the only difference from the other one is that it has a Yellow Puffle that comes fown in a space ship, you change the backdrops by using the switchbox instead of clicking on them and there is a Space Adventure player card that members and non-members can buy.
same stage

The mew pin is hidden in the boiler room and there is a gigantic green hat in the Ski Village.

By the way, thanks for the great support lately! I am rebuilding my site, getting new widgets for my side bar and readding mods! Yes, I will re-add my moods VERY soon, I am just contemplating which mods I should re-add. I know I will re-add Inferno0, Napoleon21, Coalman1, Solraida and oo7rockstar but I’m just not sure about the rest. For example, Sportsyboy5 quit CP and Mike Cooool has been VERY unhelpful (no offense or anything). I will probraly re-add Zitnik, as a matter a fact, I will, even though he hasn’t added me to his site. I also haven’t even heard anything lately from Felix1212 and I think he was deleting some comments and stuff I din’t want deleted earlier. If you can convince me (and I need HARD facts) I will re-add you Yappei!

There is also a odd site called ****** that I think Coalman1 made for me as my new site but–it’s just strange. Please delete it Coalman! Woton: The problem is resloved. *Top secret

I am also working on my back-up site that only my MOST TRUSTED mods will be able to even SEE. And by the way mods, it would be VERY helpful if you could all get a mebbo! If you don’t know how I can tell you. It’s actualy quite simple.

More later!


*Pic by Cpwatex


4 Responses

  1. Hay Woton whats up? And about the site cpstuffandmore I will not delete it cause it is my back up site cause my ex friend said he is oing to hack my coalman1 site and delete it! So any way I really like your new site it is coming along great!

    Your friend,

  2. Also yes if you couldn’t make a new site I was going to give it to you and still mite if this site gets deleted two.

  3. Hey cpwoton 😀 u copy my pix ! 😀

    Woton: Sorry! I put Pic by Cpwateex and then it got deleted!

  4. is my weblog hi woton its me felix1212
    can i be a mod here ?

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