All sorts of sweet stuff!

First of all Rockhoppers ship is being repaired and is coming along well! Apperantly construction workers are still needed.
Building RH
Some problems are being encountered, however. Notice how they mention Rockhopper Island! This could turn out to be something big!
Rh project! and rh island
The St. Patrick’s Day party begins tomorrow (Friday, March 13)!
St. P
There will be a cool egg hunt from March 21 to 24.
Today when I was on the Club Penguin Improvement project site I saw Disney Test 10 say that NINJAS WILL BE COMING IN JUNE! There have been a lot of Disney Tests and only a but only a few of them actualy work for Disney/CP. The CPIP has also been fixed so that you can play as as all of the penguins you had remembered on actual CP. The only glitch with that is that your penguin on the login page is wearing the clothes your penguin is wearing on actual CP. There is also a glitch where you can’t scroll down on your buddy list, player list, and any type of list. Oh, and of course! The CPIP (Club Penguin Improvement Project) is here. Cp is pretty much doing some spring cleaning. They will be Beta Testing two new servers, redesigning their website and doing some other touching up on CP.

More later!



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