New Catalog

There is a new catalog with 10 new/brought back items. There’s a Pot O’Gold ($200), a Leprechaun Tuxedo ($560), Cocoa Bunny Ears ($250), Cocoa Bunny Costume ($550), Brown Fedora Hat ($225), Daisy Zippered Hoodie ($500), Striped Rugby Shirt ($400), Brown Slip-on Shoes ($400) and my favorite, the Red and Blue Sunglasses have come back, each for $150!

Hint: This would be a good time to wear the GREEN sunglasses (greensunglasses.jpg), if you have them, because they are now more rare than the red and blue sunglasses!

Here are the new catalog pages:

Here are the catalog secrets:
Open and close the red viking helmet 4 time for the blue viking helmet.
Click on the pin on the admiral jacket for the green snorkel
There are also three new player cards that non-members can also buy!
Player cards
Here are the sunglasses. I really like the red ones.

More later!



6 Responses

  1. Why would someone hack your site then delete it! Whoever did it is mean!

    Woton: Yes, he is!

  2. Hay Woton I Have news that you mite like! I know the hacker that hacked our site in real life! Is my friend Dyllon cousin and he is going to undelete your old site! This is what he said”I am going to go to cousin’s house and undelete your friend’s site and if I can’t I will make him a copy of it!” So I guess we will have to wait to see what happens!

    Your friend,

    Woton: No way, really!? Sweet!

  3. I know it is sweet!

  4. When am I going to be a mod again on this site?

    Your true friend,

  5. cool site

    here is my site

    ~CPwatex! 😀

  6. Can I be a mod on this site?You said I could on my site.

    Your friend,

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